Senior Care Advocacy in Houston, Texas and Surrounding Areas



As the number of seniors in our society grows, families and extended family members are providing for some or all of the care for their senior loved ones. Understanding the unique issues surrounding the elderly today and their basic patient rights is why Senior Care Advocacy, LLC in Houston, Texas has been so successful in helping not only their elderly clients but also family members and friends who care for them.
Elizabeth A. Quigley, the founder of Senior Care Advocacy, LLC, in Houston, Texas, fights to preserve the dignity of seniors, is trained to recognize and prevent the various forms of elderly abuse and is committed to promoting elderly patient rights in nursing homes, assistant living facilities and in their own home.
Multiple Senior Services

Senior Care Advocacy, LLC offers multiple services for senior citizens and the people who love them. It is not easy to identify the different types of resources available for seniors in your community. If there is a family dynamic that requires mediation, questions about determining the best living arrangement or a desire for scheduled visits to evaluate nutrition, safety and the overall quality of life for your loved one, this where Senior Care Advocacy, LLC comes in. Elizabeth can also be extremely helpful in explaining important documents such as advance directives and the different types of powers of attorney. If you cannot come to her office, she offers a mobile notary service for your convenience.
Funeral Planning and Pre-Need Arrangement

When a loved one passes away, family members are generally in an emotional and financial strain. Those left to make the final arrangements are confused and overwhelmed with all the decisions and paperwork. Elizabeth is trained in the funeral industry and has comparison information of the funeral homes in your area. She will advocate on your behalf to make sure your loved one’s wishes are carried out at a reasonable cost. After the memorial services, Elizabeth will also counsel the family on financial and legal matters that must be handled in a timely fashion.

Elizabeth can also help with pre-planning your funeral. By pre-planning, you will avoid the yearly increase in funeral expenses and lock in the cost at today’s prices. A pre-need arrangement also allows you to make your wishes know and lessens the burden for your family. If you are interested in pre-planning information, click here to request it.
Committed To You

It is also important to understand that Senior Care Advocacy, LLC does not accept referral fees from any companies or living/nursing facility. Elizabeth’s recommendations or referrals are strictly based on what is best for her client and family caregivers. Her goal is to find the best solutions while keeping your cost to a minimum.

Call Elizabeth today to find the right solution for you and your loved ones.
Elizabeth, I so appreciate all your help this month with my additions to my funeral needs. The Senior Care Advocacy is up to the task for [senior needs], had it not been for their knowledge and expertise, I would have been clearly taken to the cleaners??I become rattled when faced with paper work and legal matters, but my advocate calmed me and made everything run smooth, explaining all the legal documents clearly, just walking me thru an emotional time with ease and comfort. Thank you.
The Senior Care Advocacy was a God send and just what our community needs. Older folks are in desperate need for advocates to turn to. They need someone that they can trust with confidence!
Thank you,
Jean R.