About Senior Care Advocacy, LLC in Houston, Texas and Surrounding Areas



As the founder of Senior Care Advocacy, LLC, Elizabeth A. Quigley, has dedicated much of her life and professional career to helping senior citizens and their family members with the unique issues related to aging community. Her compassion for senior citizens and the loved ones who care for them is why she is so driven to protect them in every aspect of their life.

Part of the business focuses on identifying the various forms of elderly abuse and neglect. Elizabeth received her training in Later-In-Life Abuse from Innovative Alternatives and Psychological First Aid training from Gulf Coast Center. She expanded her business to the legal system where she received training from Innovative Alternatives in 1) Mediation and 2) Communication in Conflict Resolutions Skills for the Family and now serves families as a Mediator for Adults Over 18. When necessary, Elizabeth will appear in court to resolve a family conflict.
“I care about the families and will work hard to ensure their loved one’s wishes are met without causing the family financial hardship.”
Elizabeth A. Quigley
Owner of Senior Care Advocacy, LLC
Elizabeth A. Quigley — Senior Care in Houston, TX

Funeral Planning and Pre-Planning

Another side to Senior Care Advocacy, LLC focuses on funeral planning and especially pre-need planning. When a death occurs, there are many decisions that need to be made immediately. In many cases, it is not only a stressful time emotionally but also financially. Elizabeth is there for the family. She knows the funeral industry and she uses that knowledge to make sure the loved ones understand their options. Elizabeth will also go with the family to the funeral home to make sure that family gets the best pricing available.

Elizabeth’s greatest passion is educating people about the importance of pre-planning their funeral. As a Pre-Planning Counselor, licensed by the Department of Insurance in the State of Texas, Elizabeth wants everyone to know the benefits of making their wishes known and paying for their funeral over a period of time instead of leaving grieving family members with countless decisions and the financial burden.

Community Involvement

Elizabeth has been active for many years on several boards and a member of various organizations throughout the Houston Bay Area. Below is a list of her current community involvement:
Board Member/Public Relations Chairperson
Board Member
friends of freeman
Board Member
Development Chairperson
Vice President
league city
Board Member
league city
Women's Auxiliary
Co Chair Style Show