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Whether you are a child of an aging parent and having disputes with your siblings, or you are an aging parent worried about your future care in the hands of others, Senior Card Advocacy is here for you.

A mediator will act as a neutral third-party to discuss the options disputed over and come to a solution that all parties can agree with.

Mediation is normally brought on because siblings cannot decide the best decision on the care for their aging parent. One sibling will think an assisted facility is best, while another wants to keep their parents at home with them. As professionals, we are able to equip you with the information you need to correctly decide the best option. We also specialize in creating aging in place steps or helping you find the right facility if that is needed. Mediation is also used when making probate and estate decisions.
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It is always best to be able to air opinions and solutions out in mediation. Senior Care Advocacy will work with families to find out the underlying issues and to assess the situation properly, without the cloud of pre-existing emotions. Whether there is a family feud, a parent in denial over their aging, or children who do not have the correct assessment of their parents aging. Let us help you in this difficult decision.
Senior Care Advocacy is always in the best interest of the families we serve, and when court cannot be avoided after mediation, we will assist in representing you. We will work with your lawyer to gather the information needed. When going to probate court, it is vital to work with someone you can trust that knows the needs and struggle you and your family has gone through.
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