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Most of us know someone who says, “Just bury me and don't make a fuss planning my funeral.” It's important to remember that the funeral is not for the dead…but for the living. It's an event where friends and family come together to pay their last respects and celebrate a life. Discussing death and planning for it is not something anyone wants to do, but pre-arranging your funeral has several benefits that must be considered.
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Every year, the cost of a funeral and memorial service increases anywhere from 10 to 15%. Pre-planning allows you to secure funeral costs at today's prices. There are people who pre-planned a funeral costing $1,759 in 1995. That same funeral cost $14,570 today. Also, by pre-planning, you prepay. That means your family won't be left holding the bill after your death.
Another financial benefit to a pre-need arrangement is to protect your insurance so that it provides for your survivors and not for funeral expenses. Instead of using part of your insurance to pay for your funeral at the time of death and when the cost is higher, your family can receive the full amount of your insurance policy.
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Pre-planning your funeral also makes your wishes known to your loved ones. Often times, grieving family members are left with having to make all of the decisions for the funeral. Having a pre-need in place takes much of the burden off the family. By taking care of your funeral details now, your family will not be taxed with the stress of planning a last-minute funeral.
Another benefit in pre-planning is that all of your personal information and records are organized in one place for your survivors to locate. The funeral director will need the decease's social security number and other vital information. If all of your personal information has been collected and is in one place, your loved ones have one less thing to worry about when making the final preparations for your funeral.
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Senior Care Advocacy, LLC can help you determine the best pre-need program for you and your loved ones. We will help you determine precisely what type of services you want—despite how simple or elaborate.
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