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At Senior Care Advocacy, it is our mission to provide seniors and their loved one the safety, care, and understanding they deserve. The first step in finding the best care for yourself or your loved one is assessing the correct living situation.
There are many options for seniors from independent living, assisted living, having a skilled nurse to care for you or your loved on and memory care. At Senior Care Advocacy, we will work with you to explain each of these options and getting to know your or your parent, understanding exactly what is needed. Not only will we make recommendations on the type of living situation, we will also take the time to research into the facilities to best suit your need care needs. We never accept referral fees from homes or centers to you can be sure we offer only what we truly believe is the best.
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Are you concerned for your mom/dad or other senior loved one? If you suspect abuse or you are told by your loved one that something is not right, please contact Senior Care Advocacy. We will research deeply to find out what abuse/negligence is occurring and by whom. We also know the evidence needed and will gather what we can to help resolve any abuse/negligence issues and stop them immediately from happening further.
Transitioning from being completely independent, to needing a guardian can be a tough transition for anyone, especially when your parent may need to sign guardianship over to their child. While this is a tough step, it is often the best, next step in your parents care. Work with Senior Care Advocacy to understand just what guardianship means and how to obtain it.
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Aging in place can be the best solution for seniors who wish to and have the ability to remain within the home of their choice and live independently. By aging in place, seniors take the control of their life and plan for the changes to come, it also means that the senior is still able to do everyday tasks independently and seek assistance they require as their needs change. Aging in place is not a simple decision and requires planning and research on the best home. Allow Senior Care Advocacy to help in the process and also help you decide if again in place is the best option for you or your parent.
Can’t come to us? Let us go to you with mobile notary services. We offer notary help on documents such as the following:

  • Debt Consolidations
  • Estate Documents
  • Wills & Testaments
  • Power of Attorneys (Medical, Financial, or Combined)
  • Affidavits, Depositions
  • Beneficiary Changes
  • Conveyance of Real & Personal Property
  • Retirement Account Transfer and Withdrawals
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